Types of Shoppers – The Researcher

macbook-NTN“Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.” – Wernher von Braun

Researchers show curiosity and sometimes they are not entirely sure what they are looking for. However, this is not to be confused with browsing online. Their research serves a purpose and when the time is right, it will result in a purchase. These shoppers are goal-driven and dedicated. When shopping online, here are some things to keep in mind to cater to this type of e-Commerce shopper. Continue reading


Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Nav-to-Net™

upgrading technology for best resultsCustomers are demanding more from their e-Commerce experience. Their preference for a more dynamic and engaging online shopping experience could mean decreased sales for your business if you’re not keeping up. B2B and B2C businesses choose e-Commerce to evolve and to maintain a competitive edge, but it is short-sighted to “set it and forget it”. E-Commerce is an ongoing investment that requires upkeep and maintenance to ensure optimal performance at all times. An e-Commerce platform can be seen as a business’ most hardworking salesperson, present for taking orders 24/7 and with all the appropriate content required to convert prospects into loyal customers.

Having powerful search functions, coupon management, and smooth checkout processes, among other e-Commerce features, add a lot of value to a webshop and make it pleasant to use. However, the overall experience of the website relies on a strong foundation. The core of how an e-Commerce website operates is in NAV, the unique business processes already in place, and how we can leverage it with the right solution.

Is it time for an upgrade for NAV? If so, what about your Nav-to-Net™ website? Continue reading

The One-Time Shopper – How to Keep Them Coming Back

Shopping IncentiveUnderstanding your customer is an important part of e-Commerce success. In tailoring your sales approach, however, there has to be a balance. We need to be flexible enough to accommodate the variety of shoppers that will come across our webshop; we want to attract as many customers as possible. We should also be strict enough in coming up with our content design and messaging. A surefire way to fail is to try and please everybody. Take an honest look at what who the audience is, both existing and potential, and create a compelling content and sales strategy accordingly.

As an e-Commerce solution provider for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, we look not only to our clients for inspiration but their end customers. We want to build solutions that work for both. In this article, we’re going to focus on the One Time Shoppers.

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Digital Vantage Point at K3 Customer Day 2015

Michael and Maria at the K3 Customer Event

Michael and Maria at the K3 Customer Event

At K3 Business Solutions’ Customer Day 2015, there was a focus on embracing the cloud technology. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX users learned of new technologies and how to create innovative strategies that would result in increased productivity. The conference showcased the latest features of Microsoft’s newest ERP software, a sneak preview into the Office 2015 and Office 365 platforms, and an exclusive demo of Nav-to-Net™ e-Commerce suite. All the advancements are reinvigorating productivity and analytics within businesses, using the best tools and finding new ways to work smarter.

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